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Medipee automatizes and digitizes urine analysis in your own home – convenient, simple and hygienic –

The product consists of two components

Medipee consists of a small device, that is attached to the outer edge of the toilet.
The handling is simple, the customer uses the toilet as usual, everything else is taken care of by the device. The devices is filled with cartridges which contain the different analyzes.

The analysis ranges from conventional urine tests such as blood, ketones, glucose, PH, pregnancy and ovulation to special markers such as drugs or cancer.


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Persistent alkaline pH values ​​may indicate urinary tract infection, acid-base balance, increase in infections, decrease in diabetes mellitus or diarrhea

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Diabetes mellitus (screening, control and self-test), detection of renal glucosuria (renal threshold)

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increased fat loss by fasting, control of increased fat loss by fasting, control of dietary programs, dangerous metabolism in diabetes mellitus.

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red blood cells (erythrocyte)

Inflammation and infections of kidneys and urogenital tract, rare tumors, kidney damage and urinary stones

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luteinizing hormone

Ovulation test – The ovulation is triggered by a suddenly increased concentration of the LH. The LH increase occurs approximately 24 – 36 hours before ovulation.

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white blood cells (leukocyte)

bacterial inflammation and infections of urinary tract and kidneys, urogenital tuberculosis bacterial inflammation and infections of urinary tract and kidneys, urogenital tuberculosis or tumor

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(produced by bacteria): bacterial urinary tract infections

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(human chorionic gonadotropin, a special hormone): pregnancy

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May be an indication of kidney diseases

User groups

Over half a billion people regularly measure urine – some have to do it, others do it for the sake of their health


Diabetes (type 2)

About 380 million * people worldwide are affected

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Urinary tract infection

Approximately 152 million * were affected in 2015.

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Nutrition-conscious people / diet

Approximately 45 million * nutrition-conscious people existed worldwide in 2015.

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About 21 million* athletes

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Pregnant / Ovulation

About 22 million* women worldwide

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People with Kidney diseases (dialysis)

Approximately 1 million* people worldwide

* various sources: Fresenius Medical Care, WHO, Markets and Markets, Euromonitor, WebMD, Modern Healthcare, Global Burden of Disease Study 2015