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Revenues are generated through three pillars

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In the beginning, turnover is primarily generated by sales of devices

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Additionally, the sale of cartridges will gernerate turnover 

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At a later stage, data and related services, e.g. telemedicine or analysis offers, will play an increasingly important role.

Estimated market

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Toilets worldwide


2,5 bn.


More information

According to the WTO, approximately 4.5 billion people have access to functional toilets. Approximately one-third of those (1.5 billion) are toilets where you may apply the Medipee device. Added to this are the approximately 1. billion toilets in the public sector, in restaurants, businesses or medical facilities. Altogether this sums up to, 2.5 billion toilets allowing for a  Medipee application.

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Health Self-
Monitoring Market

in 2022

$ 70 bn.

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Annual growth rate

Health Self-Monitoring Market

25,8 %